Short Paragraph on Patriotism

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Short Paragraph on Patriotism

A patriotic person is one who has deep feeling of Patriotism. His heart is filled up with love for his country. If we look at the history of the world, we find that the noblest heroes are those who have tried to do well to their country and who have died for it when the need has arisen. Men fought and died for their kith and kin or for their religion, but the greatest heroes have always been those who have risked their lives in the defense of their country.

Whenever a conqueror has tried to enslave a country, people have stood up to defend her. If they have not, it has been looked upon as a shameful thing.

Though we should have patriotic feeling for our country, we should always avoid doing injury to others. A true patriot does positive good for his country and her people. The country needs all of us in various spheres –  in spreading education, in conquering diseases, in developing industries and agriculture, in promoting trade and commerce. It matters little in what sphere of life a man is; he must see that he strives not only for his own good but for the good of the country as a whole. This patriotism is effective and practical, and this is the patriotism we should try to cultivate.

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