Short Paragraph on Perseverance

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Short Paragraph on Perseverance

Perseverance is continued application of mind to a work once begun. It is a secret of success in life. It is the twin brother of patience. Failures may come. But we should never yield to them. In fact, failures are the stepping-stones to success. Perseverance brings win.

The story of Robert Bruce teaches us a good lesson. He who aspires always perspires. Success is not a gift of luck or fluke. It is a child of hard labor. In any enterprise we are to experience hurdles. Doubts may crop up in our mind. Obstacles may come on our way. But the spirit of perseverance should be kept intact in us.

Many great men of the world rose to prominence by sheer perseverance. They are the salt of the earth. They all brave failures, never give an inch to depression and dismay. Ultimately their efforts are crowned with success. Their life is our message. We should follow in their footsteps and persevere with undaunted spirit. Then success will not be far behind.

Life is one of ceaseless toil. We are ever aspiring after true and lasting happiness. God in his wisdom decrees that we shall obtain nothing for which we do not strive. All progress is gradual and through struggle. That is the Law.

Every one wishes to become great, good, powerful, and happy. Every man or woman setting out on life’s journey feels no doubt that he or she will reach the goal. But the sight of the first hill they have to climb unnerves most hearts. Now, you cannot reach the top of the mountain by simply wishing for it. You can reach your goal only through perseverance.

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