Short Paragraph on Postman

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Short Paragraph on Postman

The postman comes and gives you letters. He brings telegrams, too. How happy you feel! You feel like kissing the postman when he brings you parcels and money-orders. You don’t feel lonely. You don’t feel cut off from your friends and relations. The postman is a link that connects you with the whole world. The post-master, too, works for you. But you don’t see this god. You see only the postman who is the angel of this god.

This angel comes to you every day. The postman comes on foot and sometimes on cycle, but he does come without fail. How eagerly you wait for him! How welcome he is! The red turban of a policeman fills you with fear but the khaki turban of a postman fills you with joy.

How disappointed you get when he does not bring anything for you! But how happy you feel when he brings a letter of congratulations or a letter of appointment!

The postman carries official and business letters, too. How important those letters are! Even a little delay may cause a heavy loss. So, he does not fail in his duties. He does not care for the sun and the rain. No weather is too bad for him. What will happen if he does not work well? Governments will fail. Banks will fail. And so will fail the hearts of many a businessman and the hearts of many a lover. How important his work is!

But does a postman get enough to live on? His pay is too poor. He gives you money-orders. But does he ever get any money-order? He gives you joy, but who cares to give him joy? How hard his life is!

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