Short Paragraph on Poverty

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Short Paragraph on Poverty

What is Poverty?

Poverty means deprivation of basic necessities such as food, house, clean drinking water, shelter, toilet, etc. Poverty is mostly prevalent in developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, Africa, Latin America, etc.

Poor people stay in underprivileged living environment. Without adequate food and nutrition, many poor people suffer from malnutrition. Without clean drinking water, they are forced to either stay thirsty or drink unclean water.

Young children are seen engaged as child labors. Without proper sanitation and toilets, they are forced to defecate on open fields. Homeless people have no choice but to live in the open.


The causes of poverty includes:

  1. Massive population growth leading to imbalance between demand and supply of essential goods.
  2. There are social restrictions on low-caste people to engage in certain activities. This leads to poverty.
  3. Many Illiterate people don’t job or employment. Unemployment remains the major cause for poverty.
  4. Unequal distribution of wealth contribute to poverty.

How to eradicate Poverty?

The following steps would be helpful in eradicating or alleviating poverty.

  1. Social equality and fair distribution of wealth.
  2. Education, both traditional and vocational, can play a key role in stopping poverty.
  3. Creation of employment opportunity and increased production through massive industrialization.
  4. Improved irrigation system to improve agricultural farm output.
  5. Equal opportunity and empowerment of women, so that they can contribute economically towards the well-being of their family.
  6. Encourage people to join vocational training institutes to gain skills.
  7. Ensure that the Fair Price Shops (FPS) are not resorting to malpractices of hoarding, black-marketing, etc.

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