Short paragraph on ‘Prevention is better than cure’

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Short paragraph on ‘Prevention is better than cure’

Meaning: The meaning of the proverb ‘prevention is better than cure’ is that it is much more easy to prevent a problem from happening than to solve the problem after it has already happened.

Similarly, it is much more easy to get things right at the first place than to get repaired the damaged ones. The cost of preventive maintenance is much lower that the cost of repairing the damaged ones.

Explanation: We should use our ability to foresight and try to prevent any adverse situation that may arise in the future. We should be careful enough to take all appropriate preventive measures for known risk.

When we prepare ourselves well, it’s more likely to get fruitful results for our actions.  And because we have planned it well, our mind will remain at peace.

Importance of this proverb in our daily life.

1. We can prevent illness by maintaining healthy habits and eating healthy foods. It is better to follow the basic rules of health and hygiene and prevent diseases.
2. We can buy movie tickets in advance to avoid last moment harassment.
3. While planning for holidays, we can plan our trip properly so that smooth travel is ensured.
4. We can prevent stomach upset by eating fibrous food.
5. We can prepare well for our exams so that we can remain calm on the day of our examination.
6. We can prevent old age worries by saving some money for the future.
7. We can love our family members to avoid difficult relationships.

Conclusion: We may conclude in the words of Benjamin Franklin, who rightly said that ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’

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