Short Paragraph on Rainwater Harvesting

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Short Paragraph on Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting means collection of rainwater and to store it in different containers applying proper means to keep the water fit for any use.

The rainwater may fall anywhere on the earth, but that must not be allowed to roll or run downwards to get evaporated or to seep into dirt or filth and thus become unfit for use.

The main purpose of keeping the rain water conserved is the ponds, channels, ditches, canals, etc. is to recharge the groundwater with this surplus unused water. This conserved water is lifted up with the help of deep or shallow tube-wells to be used as drinking water or to be used in agriculture.

Uses: The water that collected through rainwater harvesting is used for several purposes.

  1. This reserved rainwater can be properly filtered and treated to be used as drinking water.
  2. This water is stored up in ponds, ditches, canals, etc. in the rural areas for using in everyday household chores as well as in agriculture also.
  3. The subterranean water in some areas are not drinkable due to it’s high arsenic percentage. To mitigate this problem in those areas, rain-water is conserved carefully to be used as the substitute for drinking water.

Methods: There are various methods for Rain water harvesting.

  1. Water can be stored in a reservoir on or under the surface. The stored up water is later on taken to places with the help of pipe or tube or container.
  2. Ponds, canals, big ditches or water-courses, etc. in the country-sides are filled up with the rain-water to replenish the subterranean water-storage subsequently.
  3. Water can be stored in medically treated and carefully built subterranean reservoirs that can be used in emergency.

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