Short Paragraph on Role of an Ideal Teacher

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Short Paragraph on Role of an Ideal Teacher

Role of an Ideal Teacher

The role of an ideal teacher is not to turn his students into bookworms. He should take care to build their character so that they love honesty and truthfulness and hate violence and cruelty.

They should shun narrowness, and help their friends and those who are poor and disabled. They should have love for their motherland and extend her name to other countries.

An ideal teacher should make them interested in games and sports, in nature, and in some good hobbies.

He should see that good knowledge cannot be stuffed in to a poor body.

He should help in drawing out their latent qualifies and encourage them to cultivate them.

He should, further, ask them to get rid of their unnecessary fears and shyness and to be bold and good in public speaking.

A glum teacher cannot be one who can cut a shining figure in their hearts. So an ideal teacher should be ready to give them company when they are out on a picnic or an educational tour. In other words, he should be like their friend and guardian all rolled in one.

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