Short Paragraph on Science and Technology

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Short Paragraph on Science and Technology

What are science and technology? Science comes from the Latin for ‘to know’, whilst the word technology comes from the Greek for ‘skill or craft’. Thus, science and technology are all about knowing things, and applying that knowledge.

Inventions: The space rocket and the radio are both examples of scientific and technological inventions.

Discoveries: The discovery of elements in the periodic table, and of the force of gravity, are two examples of scientific discoveries.

Using science and technology in everyday life. When we book a taxi using our smartphone, we are using some pretty cool technology!

Scientific equipment: From the kitchen burner to the satellite dish, science has often relied on technology to make new discoveries.

Science and economics: Scientific inventions have often been driven by the need to find cost effective solutions to problems. But, we can also use technology to engage with the economy. For example, when we make online purchases, we are using the technology of the internet to make a financial decision.

Conclusion: Science and technology are ubiquitous in our everyday lives, and they are reliant on each other as well!

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