Short paragraph on Shell Jewellery

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Short paragraph on Shell Jewellery

There increasing demand of Shell jewellery in India and abroad. The shells give off a pearl white luster when its outer coating is removed. The shell is then cleaned and polished.

The shell pieces are cut into various shapes and designs. Carving work is also done on them. These are being used to make jewellery pieces. Precious metals are also sometimes used in this jewellery.

Various types of shells comprise the major raw materials for making Shell Jewellery.  These shell are available at Travancore, Chennai, Coastal Gujarat, Malabar coasts, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and other coastal regions.

The shell is treated with chemicals and acid and the outer horny coating is removed. It is then cut into required shape and then polished.  The craftsman of Shell Jewellery uses chisels, hammers, etc. in the manufacturing process.

The modern sea-shell industry in India is using standard tools that available in the market. They are often machine polished.

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