Short Paragraph on Smartphone and Its Features

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Short Paragraph on Smartphone and Its Features

A smartphone is a mobile phone that typically has many of the functionalities of a computer. It is an upgrade from the original mobile phone that was mostly used to text and make calls.

These phones have operating systems that can run different applications. As is standard with many smartphones today, users can visit the Google play store or the app store for iPhones to download applications.

Smartphones have made our lives better. They just need to be used efficiently and for the right purpose.

Features: The features of a typical smartphone includes:

1. Touchscreen: Nearly all smartphones have touchscreen functionality. This is a departure from the traditional buttons that are a conspicuous feature of the first set of mobile phones in the modern era. The touchscreen allows users to make use of a virtual keyboard.

2. Computerized: These phones also operate just like a computer. They possess a processor, ram, and have an operating system that requires an update from time to time.

3. Operating system: The hardware of smartphones are powered by an operating system. Android, ios, and Microsoft are popular OS for smartphones.

4. RAM (Random Access Memory): The modern age smartphones are powered by much larger RAMS. Some smartphones even feature a 4GB of RAM.

5. Internal memory: This is the internal phone storage used for storing applications. The bigger the internal memory, the better because it means that even without external storage, a user can still download several apps.


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