Short paragraph on Soccer in India

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Short paragraph on Soccer in India

Soccer is the most popular and possibly one of the oldest games in India. Its duration of ninety minutes remains full with excitement. Possibly no other game involves the fans so intensely as soccer. In recent times cricket has become more popular in India, but soccer is still one the most exciting game.

The match of a closely contested soccer match in a packed stadium is a very familiar sight. In Kolkata the match between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan attracts huge crowd. It is an age old rivalry and its fans are sharply divided in their support. The followers of the two soccer teams are always at very furious, though not the players.

A closely contested match generates rising sensation. Each time a team succeeds there shall be applause. This impartial applause shall encourage both the teams and the tempo of the match rise with every goal.

In a soccer match excitement is a sustained affair. The fate of the team swings in the balance almost every moment. There is almost no break except for the half-time. The crowd becomes involved in the game for the entire gamut of the game.

These days the victories are celebrated through fire-works and crackers. Banners are displayed to acclaim individual players.

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