Short Paragraph on Social Problems

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Short Paragraph on Social Problems

A social problem is something harmful, difficult or unwanted condition of a group of people, society or part thereof. Examples of social problems includes:

  • Antisocial behavior: people being noisy, rude or abusive to their neighbors.
  • Poverty: financial hardships that afflicts many societies.
  • Criminality: another issue in wider society.

Social Problems may lead to the following undesirable effects:

  • Emotional stress: Social problems of any kind causes immense stress, sadness and worry.
  • Economic hardship: In the context of wider society, they can damage the running of the economy.
  • Awkward relationships: In the context of friendship, they make chatting in groups difficult rather than fun.
  • Material hardships: Poverty and discrimination lessen people’s quality of life.
  • Loneliness: People who have social anxiety can feel very lonely.


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