Short Paragraph on Soil Pollution (Causes and Effects)

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Short Paragraph on Soil Pollution (Causes and Effects)

Soil Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful chemicals and substances to such an extent that it gets contaminated or becomes harmful for living beings.

Causes: The causes of Soil pollution are discussed below:

1. If the industrial garbage and the agricultural garbage are kept lying in heaps on bare soil, the soil is polluted.

2. The efflux of the nuclear thermal stations or of the atomic research centers, if allowed to come into contact with the ground, pollutes the soil.

3. If the plastic pieces used in domestic works are thrown on the ground, these, instead of perishing, pollute the soil.

4. The excrement of the animals mixes with the soil and pollutes it.


1. Agricultural production in disrupted and the food-value of the crops declines due to soil-pollution.

2. The soil itself losses fertility.

3. Man and animals, and birds, develop keen susceptibility to diseases.

4. Grasslands and forests are destroyed.

5. Water gets polluted.

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