Short Paragraph on Solitude

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Short Paragraph on Solitude

Solitude is the state or situation of being alone without companions. Likes and dislikes for solitude depend upon the temperament of people.

An absolute solitude is not natural, because man is a social being. There are some people who loath solitude, and there are others who prefer it. There are people who loathe solitude and long for companionship. And there are some other people who dislike company and long for solitude.

Solitude is a burden to men who love company. They feel lost and miserable when separated from human society. Solitude is horrible to them.

Solitary imprisonment is a severe punishment and it has been annulled in civilized society. A solitary man is often selfish and narrow-minded. Certain amount of solitude is necessary for cultivation of thought. Scientists, philosophers, poets need solitude to do their work. The monks and sages live in solitude. The sages have found charms in solitude.

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