Short paragraph on Sri Chaitanya

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Short paragraph on Sri Chaitanya

Sri Chaitanya

The best among the Bhakti saints was Sri Chaitanya of Nadia. He was a scholar par excellence and proficient in Nyaya logic and Darshana.

Saint Sri Chaitanya was indoctrinated in Bhakti cult by Saint Iswar Puri and preached the ideals of Vaishnamism viz. pure love, bhakti and kindness.

Sri Chaitanya also introduced sankirtana or community singing of the name of Krishna in a spirit of ecstasy. The whole of South Bengal, Orissa and Vrindavana were flooded by his spiritualism and enlightenment. His disciples came from all strata of society. King Prataprudradeva of Orissa, Nityananda, Sribas were some of disciples. His faith is known as Gaudiya Vaishnava religion.

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