Short Paragraph on ‘Stop Global Warming’

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Short Paragraph on ‘Stop Global Warming’

Global warming is the name for the process by which the earth is warming up due to the presence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The earth’s atmosphere as a whole is getting warmer.

In addition, the temperature of the seas are getting warmer. And, the hottest parts of the earth are getting even hotter.

So, in sum, global warming is the warming of the earth surface including seas, land, etc. The greenhouse gases absorbs infrared radiation to cause an increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere and the environment.

How to stop global warming?

Please find below the various ways to control and stop global warming.

  1. Reduce CO” emissions: CO2 is a major cause of global warming.
  2. Burn fewer fossil fuels: coal, oil and so on. Burning of fossil fuels cause the greenhouse effect.
  3. Fly less often: to reduce emission of greenhouse gases.
  4. Recycle: as often as possible.
  5. Reuse items: instead of buying new things all the time.
  6. Reduce aerosol use: to preserve the ozone.
  7. Educate others about the dangers of global warming: so they take similar action.
  8. Campaign: get governments and big companies to change their ways.
  9. Shop responsibly: from environmentally friendly brands.
  10. Conserve water: to conserve energy.
  11. Don’t waste food: to put less strain on resources.
  12. Plant trees: take part in reforestation projects.
  13. Think of the future: think of future generations.
  14. Drive less: to reduce emissions.
  15. Insulate your home: to save energy.
  16. Use fewer pesticides and aerosols.
  17. Give money to environmentalist charities.

Conclusion: All of our individual actions can add up to stop global warming. We can all take action now!


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