Short Paragraph on Stop Smoking

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Short Paragraph on Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

One should stop and give up the habit of smoking. He who has never smoked should not fall prey to it.

Young people are fond of smoking which saps their strength. People should stop smoking because it is a deadly enemy to health and efficiency. It clouds our brain. It causes many severe diseases like, bronchitis, asthma and respiratory problems.

We speak against the smoke of a chimney and keep silent about the smoke of tobacco. The doctors say smoking causes cancer.

Smoking is injurious to the person who smokes, and equally it is injurious to others who inhale the air sitting near the smoker.

People are often found smoking at public places such as running buses, trains, etc. This is an offence. The co-passengers become passive-smokers inhaling the air polluted by smoking.

Smoking is not good for the poor. Money is wasted for cheap pleasure. This money could not used for better purpose to give comfort to the members of his family.

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