Short Paragraph on Student Life

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Short Paragraph on Student Life

Student life is the happiest period in the life of a person. It is a life, free from all anxieties of the tough world. The mind of the student is full of noble ideas and his eyes are full of dreams.

His studies are his preparation for the coming struggle of life. If properly utilized, student life lays the foundation of future its success and achievements. If misused, defeat is sure however earned may out future efforts be.

Student life is the most crucial period in the life of a person. Although there are no worldly cares to worry about the time, the period is very important for the student himself, for he has to be up and doing in the acquisition of knowledge in the formation of his character and in making contact with the world about him. The impressions he will gather at this period will determine his future conduct. The taste he will develop in student life will influence his behaviour towards other people throughout his future career. It is therefore necessary that a right and proper use of the period is made with the utmost care.

Student life is the period of education. Education is the all round development of an individual into a useful member of society. We must see that student life is full-filling this aim. The success or failure of student-life can be judged by the students life. Unfortunately for us, student life in our country is not receiving the right amount of attention that it deserves. We hope things will take proper shape now.

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