Short Paragraph on Substance Abuse

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Short Paragraph on Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse (also Drug Abuse) refers to the recurring misuse of drugs in a manner that is detrimental to human health.  They are habit forming and have an altering effect on mind.

  1. These substances are generally habit-forming and people get addicted to it.
  2. The addictive substances are excessively used (misused or abused) on a regular basis.
  3. They have altering effect on mind.
  4. These substances have harmful effect on mind, body and human health.

Some prescription drugs have sedative and intoxicating properties. They are prescribed by the doctors to cure certain ailments. But, some people start taking these medicines in large quantities on regular basis ignoring the fact that over-use (or mis-use) of these substances may lead to fatal consequences.

Effects of Substance Abuse: The effects of addictive substances upon the addicts are simply horrible. Over 127 thousand people died during 2013 because of misuse of drugs. The long term use of addictive drugs may involve personality changes. Often, substance abuse has been associated with anti-social activities. Some of these drugs kill appetite.

Since, the habit-forming drugs are mostly misused, these are extremely addictive, and once a person is addicted to these drugs, it is very tough to give up.  The addict almost goes mad when he is prevented from taking the dose at the scheduled hours.

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