Short Paragraph on ‘Sweet are the uses of adversity

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Short Paragraph on ‘Sweet are the uses of adversity

Adversity refers to hardship, distress, and unpleasant situation that is difficult to overcome.

Adverse condition, in some cases, helps a person to strengthen his character and to bring forth his best energy to do wonderful things.

Difficult situation teaches a man to find out ways to come out of the difficulty. He learns to be patient and hard-working. When thing go wrong, people put forth all their effort to set it right.

However, this statement is not always true. In under-developed countries, talents are wasted every moment for want of opportunity. Due to adverse financial conditions, children are seen working as child labor in factories and shops. These adversities hinder the growth of children. Talent of many children is wasted, who would otherwise become doctors, engineers, scientists and other learned people in the future.

Due to extreme poverty, people live in adverse living conditions. The do not get adequate food, nutrition, shelter, education, clothes, and other necessities. Such adversities are neither desirable, not they yield any good result. We should leave no stone upturned to help people come out of miserable condition.

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