Short Paragraph on Technology

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Short Paragraph on Technology

What is technology? The word ‘technology’ comes from two Greek words. These words are ‘techne’ which means ‘craft’ or ‘skill’, and ‘logos’, which can be translated as ‘knowledge’. So, technology is a way of putting theoretical knowledge into action by means of skills or engineering methods.

What forms does technology take? Technology can take many forms. Science has developed plenty of modern technology that makes life easier. For instance, IT – information technology like computers – has made huge sums easier to do and large amounts of data easier to process.

Technology for learning. Technology in education has transformed and enhanced the way we learn. Now, students can use digital resources to learn about everything from ancient history to politics.

Technology for healthcare. Medical technology is another way that our lives have been made better by technology. By developing ever more sophisticated machines to treat illnesses, and even by harnessing the virtual world to train prospective surgeons with virtual reality scenarios, medical engineering experts have helped us in our fight against disease.

What is the future of technology? We can only guess: it could involve things like new cures for diseases, supercomputers and more advanced space travel. Experts believe that the evolution of technology is occurring at an exponential rate, which means that the rate at which technology is developing is speeding up.

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