Short Paragraph on ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the Nation’

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Short Paragraph on ‘The Hand that Rocks the Cradle Rules the Nation’

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation. It is the mother who rocks the cradle and it is she who exercises her influence over the mind of her children. She molds the character of her children with her noble qualities.

Napoleon said, ‘Give me good mothers, I will give you a good nation.” Mothers play an important role in building nations.

A mother is the one who is empowered to imprint the best and the worst in the mind of her child. Mothers keep their children away from evils.

Hence, the mothers should be educated and empowered so that they well equipped to discharge their responsibilities successfully. Educated mothers enjoy the privilege of helping their children in education.

The period when the character of a person is best molded is his childhood. Human beings learn from others by imitating them. A child learns best by imitating his mother.

The mothers shape their child’s career and character. All Great people are great because they received great training from their mothers.

The mother is the power behind the throne. Hence, there are great responsibilities on the shoulder of the mothers. Hence, every nation should do enough to empower and educate mothers, so that they can shoulder the responsibility of building up the nation.

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