Short Paragraph on the Importance of Biodiversity

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Short Paragraph on the Importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity comes from two different roots. ‘Bios’ is Greek for ‘life’. ‘Diversus’ means ‘different or various’.

Thus, biodiversity means a diversity of life. More specifically, biodiversity refers to the fact that there are many different species in existence on the planet.

Perhaps it would be easier to explain the concept of biodiversity with the help of some examples. So, biodiversity can be:

  • The existence of numerous animals in the sea.
  • The fact that many species of organisms live together on earth.
  • The presence of hundreds of different insect species on a single rain-forest tree.
  • The fact that the planet is not made for humans alone, but for all species.
  • A term referring to a location on earth particularly rich in animal life.

The importance of biodiversity can be further continued as follows:

  1. The food chain: biodiversity keeps the food chain going. Otherwise, animals would die out.
  2. Habitats: animals do not just live in their habitats. They also help to shape and maintain them.
  3. Ecology: biodiversity is essential for ecology. It is threatened by climate change.
  4. Beauty: biodiversity is a beautiful phenomenon. Just look around you!
  5. Evolution: this theory was formulated by Charles Darwin. Biodiversity is a result and a driving factor in evolution.

Conclusion: We should all celebrate biodiversity!

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