Short Paragraph on the Importance of Communication

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Short Paragraph on the Importance of Communication

Communication comes from the Latin word for ‘to share’. From this, we get the word communication. So, communication is a kind of sharing.

Communication refers to the act of is sharing information, i.e., sharing of thoughts, words, ideas and more.

Communication is a two way process. It can be verbal or non-verbal (such as gestural), formal or informal. Speech, writing and body language are some key types of communication.

Importance of communication: Communication play a dominant role in our daily life. The importance of communication is expressed below in points.

  1. Expressing ourselves: making our thoughts known to others.
  2. Understanding others: letting them express their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Romantic relationships: good communication is vital here.
  4. Making requests: communication lets us ask for what we need.
  5. Making friends: communication skills are essential for forging friendships.
  6. Saying sorry and patch up: communication skills enable us to apologize and patch things up.
  7. Emergencies: here lives can be saved by good communication.
  8. Warning signs: these need to be clear.
  9. Politics: politicians need to be good communicators.
  10. Jokes: humor relies on the ability to communicate.

Some basic communication skills: 

  1. Clarity: putting our ideas across clearly.
  2. Conciseness: being succinct and not wandering off topic.
  3. Listening: communication is about listening as much as speaking.
  4. Good intentions: it is important to communicate with a kind, open frame of mind.
  5. Open questions: asking questions that require more than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer will help to encourage a dialogue.

ConclusionWe could all brush up on our communication skills a little.

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