Short Paragraph on the Significance of Mother’s Day

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Short Paragraph on the Significance of Mother’s Day

What is mother’s day? Mother’s day is a day when we remember or celebrate our mothers, for instance by sending them cards and gifts or spending some special time with them.

When is mother’s day? Mother’s day falls on different dates around the world. In India and United States it is the second Sunday in May, for instance, whilst in the UK it is the second Sunday in March.

Mother’s Day date in India: In India, the Mother’s day event for the year 2016 was celebrated on 8th May, 2016. The Mothers day celebration for the year 2017 will be celebrated on 14 May all over India.

What is the significance of mother’s day?

1. Reminding: having a designated day helps to remind us of all the great things our mothers do.

2. Celebrating: mother’s day is an opportunity to celebrate with our mothers.

3. Honoring: it is a day for honoring and showing our respect for mothers.

4. Family ties: celebrating mother’s day can strengthen family ties.

5. Expression: sometimes it can be hard to know how to thank our mothers for all they have done for us. Mother’s day provides us with plenty of ways to do so, including cards and gifts.

Conclusion: How are you going to celebrate the next Mother’s day?

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