Short Paragraph on Tiger (Panthera Tigris)

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Short Paragraph on Tiger (Panthera Tigris)

What is a Tiger? The tiger’s Latin name is Panthera Tigris. It is a large feline – in fact it is the largest animal in the cat family. Other members of the cat family include lions and the domestic cats that many of us have in our homes.

Where do Tigers Live? The tiger’s original habitat was the entire continent of Asia. Until around a century ago when human activity made their habitats shrink, tigers could be found in the frozen forest in the north of Russia and in the mangrove swamps of southeaster Asia. Tigers also thrive on grassland – so the plains of central Asia also remain habitats of choice for tigers.

What are their Physical Attributes? Tigers have orange fur with black stripes, large predatory teeth, sharp eyes and claws.

How Long do Tigers Live? In the wild, tigers live 10-15 years. In captivity they live 20-26 years.

How do Tigers Behave? Tigers are solitary animals, and hunt alone rather than in packs.

Conclusion: Mysterious and beautiful animals, tigers are treasures of the natural world. It is vital that we look after our tigers.

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