Short Paragraph on ‘Time is Precious’

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Short Paragraph on ‘Time is Precious’

Meaning: This saying, ‘time is precious’, can mean, simply, that time is valuable. It can also mean a certain period of time (for instance time with a loved one) is especially valuable.

It can also refer to the need not to waste time. Moreover, it can be taken to mean that we should always arrive on time.

Time can also mean the general progress of events – in this sense, the proverb means that history is something valuable.

Origin: This phrase may first have been used in an English text published in 1572, called Discourse on Usury. In this text, the idea being put forward is that an efficient use of time is important for making profits.

Time is precious. We should never waste time. The reasons why time is precious is highlighted below in points. 

  • Time flies. It doesn’t come back. Hence, we should use it well.
  • Being slack or lazy at work can lose us money.
  • When we are with someone we love, that time feels extra special.
  • Once we have used our time, we cannot get it back.
  • Sometimes, problems need to be sorted out quickly, within an urgent time frame.
  • We do not want to end up regretting that we had not wasted so much time.
  • The fascinating discipline of history is focused on the progression of events through time.
  • If an opportunity arises, time is of the essence – it needs to be taken advantage of right away.
  • The passage of time teaches us about human behavior.

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