Short Paragraph on Tree Plantation

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Short Paragraph on Tree Plantation

Meaning: Tree plantation means planting trees. This is the meaning of tree plantation when it is taken as a verb.

A tree plantation can also be a noun. In this sense, it means a set of trees that have been planted.

Tree plantation is something that happens as a result of human action: it is thus distinguished from trees growing naturally from seed.

Why plant trees?

  1. Supporting biodiversity: tree ecosystems are very biodiverse.
  2. Protecting soil quality: trees are great for keeping soil quality stable.
  3. Food: the fruits, nuts and seeds of trees can be wonderful sources of food.
  4. Fuel: tree plantations can be sustainable sources of wood that can be used as fuel.
  5. Protection from weather: tree plantations stop earth from being washed away in floods. They also provide a barrier from the wind.
  6. Jobs: such plantations provide jobs in the agriculture sector.
  7. Building materials: both wood and leaves can build everything from homes to boats.

How to create a tree plantation?

  1. Single-handedly: create one in your back yard.
  2. As part of a community scheme.
  3. As part of national reforestation programs.
  4. Reclaiming previously industrialized land.
  5. Turning unused land into a tree plantation.
  6. Using saplings from endangered trees to help them flourish once more.
  7. As part of land that is used for other things (for instance a tree plantation can also be used as grazing land).

Conclusion: Tree plantations are much better than deforesting land and using it for industry.

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