Short Paragraph on Truthfulness

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Short Paragraph on Truthfulness

Truthfulness refers to the state of being true and honest. Truth is what you told to others which had really happened.

It is really so difficult to tell the truth every time. A truthful person doesn’t only tells the truth but also he also carries truthfulness in his actions, words, nature, etc.

To speak the truth is a duty, and we must never deviate from it. ‘No virtue is higher than truth. ‘Truth is the highest attribute of God! On Truth, the whole universe is built.”

As per Indian mythology, truthful people rewarded by the God in heaven.

In Ramayan, Shri Ramchandra was known as a truthful king. He  not only gave respect to his father but also obeyed all the orders of his parents. When his father instructed him to live in the forest for 14 years with his wife Sita, he didn’t resisted and went to forest for 14 years.

In India, Mahatma Gandhi  has given a living example of truthfulness. He had adopted a policy of truthfulness and non-violence while fighting against the violence by the British rulers. He was never feared of death, as a truthful person can never be dominated by the fear & anxiety. By his truthfulness, people of India supported him and won the independence for our country from the British. The truth of Mahatme Gandhi is immortal. Across the globe came to know about his works and truthfulness.

So truthfulness can cure all the misdeeds of the past and prosperous the life with full of happiness.

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