Short Paragraph on Unemployment Problem in India

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Short Paragraph on Unemployment Problem in India

Unemployment Problem in India

Introduction: The problem of unemployment is perhaps the most serious and crucial problem that India is facing today. The unfortunate situation of educated and uneducated youth of the country has resulted in deteriorating condition of law and order.

Causes: There main causes of unemployment in India are as follows:

Increasing Population: First is the increasing population of the country. Since independence it has gone up by many crores.

Inadequate industrial progress: Secondly, increase in industrial progress and national wealth has not kept pace with increase in population.

Education system: Our education system is also no less responsible for the seriousness of this problem. Education of today is cut off from the realities and practical problems of life. Students study very hard to obtain a degree. It is unfortunate that these degrees do not provide them a suitable job.

Solution: The solution of the problem lies in the above mentioned causes.

  • India’s population has to be checked and education system overhauled.
  • There is a need for industrial, vocational and technical education.
  • Large scale industries should be encouraged so as to create increased avenues for employment.
  • Our planning should be on right lines so that public money may be properly utilized.

It is only when a real welfare state comes into existence that the curse of unemployment will disappear from our country.

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