Short Paragraph on Unity in Diversity

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Short Paragraph on Unity in Diversity

What does Unity in Diversity Mean? Unity in diversity means that we can live in communal harmony whilst also embracing each others’ differences.

According to this principle, diverse cultures and diverse races can live together in total peace and happiness.

We all have diverse origins, but no matter how diverse your background is from someone else’s you can live in harmony with them, united by a single thread of unity.

What is the importance of this phrase?

1. Peacemaking. The idea that we are united, and that we should celebrate our differences rather than making them a cause for conflict is the cornerstone of peace.

2. Social progress. When we live together in harmony, we can learn from each other’s diverse experiences and our societies will progress much better.

3. Economic prosperity. Economic prosperity thrives in an atmosphere of communal harmony.

4. Law and order. It is easier for us to all live together in a way that respects the law – and for the law to respect us too – if we all embrace the principle of ‘unity in diversity’, lawmakers included!

5. Happiness. Nothing makes us happier than an atmosphere of love, and sisterhood and brotherhood.


If we begin to embrace the idea of unity in diversity right now, the world will be a better place.

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