Short Paragraph on Values

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Short Paragraph on Values


What are values? Values are a set of principles or moral standards that govern the actions of a righteous person.

Value systems are therefore, the essential preconditions of a civilized society. The values are the love of truth, integrity, selflessness, tolerance, self-control, non-violence, modesty, etc.

A person cannot be expected too perfect to have all these qualities. But he can be fairly honest. A national cannot progress materially and culturally unless its citizens are basically honest. A society without values is governed by jungle laws.

Erosion of moral values in our society today: Our was never so morally degraded in the past as it is today. The number of crooks, swindlers, extortionists, snatchers are alarmingly on the rise. Cheating, bribe taking, fraud, gambling, are rampant. Billions of dollars are looted by corrupt people. There is scarcity of role models in our society whom we can emulate.

Erosion of moral values in youth: The most disturbing fact is that a great number of our youth and teenagers are morally degraded. They have become disrespectful towards the elders. Many resort to drug, alcohol and smoking. They find it difficult to display toleration and self-control.

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