Short Paragraph on Water Crisis

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Short Paragraph on Water Crisis

Water crisis

Water is a vital natural resource. It sustains all living creatures on the earth. Abundant is its use.

How much of earth’s water is potable? We use it for drinking and cooking, bathing and cleaning. Surprisingly, only less than one percent  of total water supply is potable. But random water-pollution and abuse of water result on ‘water-crisis’.

What causes water crisis? Environmental Pollution is a major cause for ‘water crisis’. As a result underground layer recedes fast. Taps and tube-wells run dry in hot summer days. People of arid area suffer the ‘starvation’ of water. They are to drink the filthy water of ponds, stagnant tanks and rivers. Consequently they fall victims to deadly diseases.

How to solve Water Crisis? The ‘water crisis’ may be averted if nature is allowed to recycle water freelySome viable measures that can be taken to tackle the problem of ‘water crisis’ includes:

  • Rain water harvesting,
  • Right use of water and
  • Pollution control, etc.

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