Short Paragraph on Water

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Short Paragraph on Water

What is Water? The chemical symbol of water is H2O. That means that each water molecule is two hydrogen atoms bonded to a single oxygen atom.

The Uses of Water.

1. Drinking. Humans need to use clean and pure drinking water every day. We survive because of water.

2. Agricultural uses. Farmers wait for good monsoon because they know how important water is for the growth of crops. Further, animals also need water to drink and wash in.

3. A habitat. Many plants and animals live in water – marine life is a big example.

4. Hygiene. From flushing toilets to brushing our teeth, water helps to keep our bodies and surroundings clean and hygienic.

5. Travel. Some of the first explorers traveled by water. Cargo ships continue to transport good and people in the present day, whilst cruise ships provide opportunities for exotic travel.

How to Save Water.

1. Don’t pollute. Care for the environment by reducing pollutants. That involves everything from using household cleaners that are eco-friendly to reducing runoffs from agricultural fertilizers.

2. Encourage government initiatives to safeguard water bodies. Write to your local authorities, lobby parliament and help out yourself if you have time!

3. Keep water bodies well maintained. Canals, reservoirs and so on need to be kept free of pollution and litter.

4. Reforestation. One of the best things you can do for the environment – and thus for water – is to support reforestation projects.

5. Use water sparingly. Re-use water for boiling vegetables, don’t put too much water in the kettle and always turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth.

Conclusion: There are so many positive things we can do right now to save water.

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