Short Pargraph on Energy Conservation

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Short Paragraph on Energy Conservation

What is energy conservation?

To conserve something means to keep it, rather than use it up. Energy conservation means saving energy. This means, basically, using less energy. Energy comes in various forms – fossil fuels and solar energy are just two examples of energy.

Why is it important to conserve energy?

Conserving energy is important for several reasons. Below, you will see some key reasons for conserving energy:

  • Ensuring that there is enough energy in the world for everyone to meet their needs.
  • Reducing carbon emissions.
  • Reducing energy waste.
  • Ensuring our energy supplies do not run out.
  • Staying energy efficient.

How to conserve energy?

We should all take action right now to conserve energy. We can all do more to conserve energy in our daily lives. For example, we can:

  • Insulate our homes well, so hot air does not escape and our heating is energy efficient.- Turn off appliances, such as TVs and AC when we are not using them.
  • Take public transport instead of taking the car.
  • Take fewer non essential flights.
  • Reuse and recycle as much as possible.

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