Short Speech on Dignity of Labor

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Short Speech on Dignity of Labor

Labors have every right to live their life with dignity and pride. All great men realized the importance of labor, which involved the exercise of our limbs.

The daily necessities of the life of intellectuals are supplied by Labors. The world could not exist merely on the function of the brain.

It is easy to measure how essential and valuable labor is if we imagine a situation in which peasants give up tilling the land, workers in the cloth-mills go on strike, vendors don’t bring any commodities into the market, transport employees go on leave and sweepers decide to enjoy a permanent rest. Moreover, whatever the brain might devise or plan, without some manual labor it can hardly produce any material results.

In recent times, one is forced to acknowledge the value of labor. Laborers in socialistic countries are held in esteem and take a substantial part in the running of the government. With successive wage-reforms, their poverty is also minimized. In America, labor is so costly, that even considerably rich people have to do some sort of manual works to sustain themselves. In some ideal residential institutions in India, the students are required to wash their plates and clothes.

When the dignity of labor is properly realized, it gives a sense of strength, born out of independence and self-reliance.

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