Should students take part in politics? – Debate

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Should students take part in politics? – Debate

Should students take part in politics?

The question whether students should participate in politics must be considered in the perspective of their duty towards learning.

It is true that the students of  College and Universities, that are to be the pillars of the future edifice of the nation must be imbibed with a genuine sense of political consciousness and when summoned by the country, should come forward to make the maximum sacrifice.

Active participation in politics causes great interference with a student’s primary duty of study, and may lead to colossal waste of time and energy in his academic pursuits. Students should not, therefore, take part in active politics.

On the other hand, the students, who are the rising generation and on whom the country pins her confidence, must be inspired with an ever burning patriotic zeal and should be ever prepared to dedicate their lives on the altar of country’s freedom. For this purpose they need proper preparation and acquaintance with the elements of politics. Such preparation would include a good general education, a fair knowledge of history, geography, economics, sociology etc. and acquaintance with the national and international affairs.

Power of debate and forceful presentation of a case and the spirit of service, sacrifice and discipline need be cultivated during student life by those aspiring for the career of a future politician. But active participation in politics would not be suitable for students because they are still immature and inexperienced and are apt to be swayed by passions and prejudices.

There is no objection, however, to their passive participation in politics and taking an intelligent interest in politics and studying and discussing political views of his own country as well as other countries. This will enable them to become seasoned politicians in future, if they so choose.

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