Significance of Battle of Plassey

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Significance of the Battle of Plassey

The victory of British East India company in the Battle of Plassey is one of the important landmark in India History. The Battle of Plassey revealed the utterly corrupt political situation in Bengal.

Watson had himself stated this victory to be of extraordinary importance not only to the company but also to the British nation in general.

Mir Jafar became a mere ‘puppet ruler’ and the power rested with the British. On every matter he depended on the English. The Battle of Plassey paved the way for beginning of their empire.

The British enjoyed the tax benefits, had to compete with no rival foreign merchants and began to use the revenue of Bengal for protecting their military and trade interest.

Mir Jafar gave 24 Parganas and one crore of rupees to the Company and valuable Siraj presents to the English officers including Clive.

It depleted the state exchequer. So much wealth was drained from Bengal that the economy was completely shattered. This is known as the Plassey Plunder. With the wealth of Bengal the British secured their business and political supremacy.

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