‘Silence is Golden’ – Meaning, Latin Version and Expansion of the Idea

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‘Silence is Golden’ – Meaning, Latin Version and Expansion of the Idea

Meaning: ‘Silence is Golden” is a popular proverb. It means that it is much better to remain silent, if we do not have anything important to say.

The full phrase goes” Speech is silver. Silence is Golden.” It means that it is often better to remain quiet and not say anything. One should think before uttering words.

Latin version: The Latin version of ‘Silence is Golden” is ‘silentium est aurum”. ‘Silentium’ means ‘Silence” and ‘aurum” means ‘Gold or something made of gold”.

Expansion: A person is silent when he prefers to keep quite, still, and abstain from speaking. Learned people speak only when they have something meaningful to say. On the other hand, people with little learning speak because they want to display their knowledge to the world. Hence, One should speak only if he or she has good control over the subject. If you know little on a subject, then you should first gather enough information on the subject before you plan to speak.

The value of silence is great, especially when it is desirable.  You don’t need to speak every-time to create an impression. Sometimes, people leave better impressions who display the strength of character by remaining quiet and calm during challenging moments. Remember, that ‘words are like arrows, you can’t take them back after you let them back.”

Reasons why ‘Silence is Golden’

  1. If you keep yourself quiet can calm, then you get the desired time to judge the situation.
  2. Silence provides us with opportunity to look deep with our own being. If helps us manage stress, anxiety, etc.
  3. Silence brings peace and calmness within us. If helps us develop sound mind and body.
  4. It prevent up from giving unwanted opinion and suggestions to people who don’t want it.
  5. Words are both good and bad. If we are not careful in choosing our words, we may hurt the emotions of other person.

Hence, we find that ‘Silence is Golden”.

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