Small Paragraph on Save Tigers

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Small Paragraph on Save Tigers

With their orange bodies and black stripes, tigers are unmistakeable.

Where do tigers live? Tigers live in a variety of locations, from the chilly taiga forest to open grasslands and mangrove swamps in the tropics.

A shrinking habitat. Tigers used to live all throughout Asia, including as far north as Russia and also on islands such as Java. In India, the Royal Bengal Tigers are very famous. However, over the last century, the habitat of Tigers has shrunk considerably – by over 80 percent in fact. That is why it is crucial to save tigers.

Why save tigers? Tigers need saving from the destruction of their habitats, from illegal trading in their fur, from humans hunting them for sport, and from the increasing scarcity of the animals that they eat as prey.

How to save tigers? You can do a whole lot to save the tiger! Donate to animal charities to help people who are working on the ground to protect tigers from poaching. Look after the environment and campaign against development projects that threaten the tigers’ habitats. Save tigers today by donating, lobbying, volunteering and being ecologically friendly.

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