Smartphones: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Smartphones: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Meaning of Smartphones

Smartphones are phones with superior technology. They come with excellent features that go beyond the basic phone’s capabilities.

A smartphone is a type of cell phone that can do many of the things that a computer can. These cellular phones can usually, for instance, access the internet and take photographs, as well as letting you video chat with friends and loved ones.

Smartphones are small enough to fit in your pocket. However, they carry the strength of a home desktop computer. In addition, smartphones have several physical features that set them apart from regular mobile phones. Perhaps the key difference is the fact that smartphones have a touch-screen.

As their name suggests, smartphones are usually thought to be ‘smarter’ than regular cell phones. However, are they really so much better? Below we give you the pros and cons of smartphones.

Advantages of using a Smartphone

1. Apps!

Smartphone apps keep us entertained with games, informed with news, and savvy with our online shopping. All these applications that are either included in the phone or you can easily download from the internet.

2. Maps and Navigation.

There is no need to feel lost ever again when you have a smartphone at your proposal. Smartphones have got free turn-by-turn, voice-guided navigation. Use GPS to pinpoint your location and the map function to plan your route.

3. Camera.

The most effective camera will be the one that you have with you. A lot of people would never go out without their mobile phone, therefore the next time you fail to bring your camera to a wedding ceremony you are in luck due to the camera on the smartphone. Never ever miss out on unique moments yet again!

4. Search information on net.

Perhaps you have been in a debate with a buddy regarding something and you are sure that you are right, but they don’t believe you. Using a smartphone, it is simple to find that info very quickly. Apart from coming in handy for fixing arguments, a smartphone is also a smart way to search nearly anything easily and quickly.

5. Staying in touch.

Whereas a regular cell phone let you send SMS messages and call people, a smartphone enables you to get in touch with people in numerous other ways as well. Instant messaging, video chat services and social media are all at your disposal.

It is simple to stay connected with your buddies, family members, and even your preferred celebrities using a touch phone. Having a smartphone, you can build relationships with family and friends, update your status, post fresh photos, and conquer boredom.

6. Utility software.

Smartphones comes with various utility software such as calculator, radio, voice recorder, memo, calendar, music player, etc. Your camera lights can be used as a flashlight. A handy calculator is always there to make your life easier. Listen to music over the radio. You use the calendar and plan your schedule. You can listen to news over the radio.

Do you enjoy keeping up with what’s going on worldwide? It is possible to download any news app you like on the smartphone. You can choose between Fox news, BBC, CNN, Sky news, CNBC, NDTV or any other news application of your choice.

Reminders could possibly be the most useful application on your phone. You can set alarms to remind you to do those important things that you may otherwise forget.

7. Bill payments.

More and more people are using their smartphones to pay bills. It is very handy to be able to whip out your phone during your morning commute and get a few chores done, like paying the water bill.

8. Entertainment – video, books, music, games, etc.

Smartphones have become your total entertainment system. When you can stream video content on your smartphone, you never need to be bored when waiting for a bus again. You can watch video on free apps such as YouTube. There are several music apps. Download your favourite books and use the phone as a Kindle reader.

8. Memo and Notes.

Are you among those individuals who carry a laptop around with you anywhere you go so that you can write down all the brilliant ideas? Forget the notebook and begin using a note application on your phone!

10. Email.

Email enables us to send and receive messages over internet network. The old days of sending and receiving physical messages are gone. Now, people send electronic messages (email) from the comfort of their smartphones. Business people, who cannot avoid travelling, can always keep updated with your emails.

10 Disadvantages of using Smartphone

1. Dependence.

When we are dependent on our smartphone for communicating and navigating the streets, we can lose our natural spatial awareness and communication skills. When our smartphone runs out of battery, we can feel totally helpless!

2. Damaging Relationships.

One one hand you are more connected to distant people by way of social media networks, messaging services, and so forth. However, you get so busy with your smartphone that you forget to spare time for the loved ones around you. Often couples decide to spend their time with each other looking at their phones instead of interacting with one another.

3. A challenge to use.

Smartphones are getting ever more sophisticated, and it can be hard to learn how to manipulate them. This is particularly true for aged ones. They are not used to getting adapted with the fast paced technological world.

The touch based keyboard on the smartphone is much smaller and not easy to use. It need immense practice before a person can get used to it.

3. Dominating Your Spare time.

Smartphones are incredibly adaptable gadgets, providing limitless opportunities to use your time up, whether or not proficiently or wastefully. Whilst it is hard to see an issue with this, there is one which can make you live a less fulfilling lifestyle.

4. Unwanted sites and apps.

Using unwanted sites apps consume a lot of data. There are many apps that comes pre-installed along with smartphone. Very often, we don’t need many of them. They often run in the background and update regularly. All this certainly result in high data consumption.

5. Chargers are more significant than everything else.

These days you can forget about your project even though you have a meeting but will always remember a charger.

6. Costs.

The cost of the handset itself can be pretty steep, but when you add maintenance costs, the cost of your contract and the cost of the additional data that you use when abroad, you can be saddled with a bill that is several times larger than the bill for a regular phone.

7. Security

Smartphones can access the web, either through data package or Wi-Fi. However, data protection is an issue. The applications you download and also the passwords which you input into these applications and sites while on-the-go tend to be insecure, at least when it comes to account privacy.

8. Eye strain.

Staring at a small, bright screen for hours on end can be very bad for your eyes – particularly if you do so in a dark room (for instance you bedroom when you can’t sleep). Just make sure that your give adequate rest to your eyes.

9. Insomnia.

The temptation to fiddle with your smartphone instead of sleeping can be too great, and can cost you many hours of restful sleep each week.

10. Distraction

Smartphones can distract you even when you want to focus on an important task at hand. It’s annoying when a phone rings at the middle of the meeting. Even during the office hours, employees are seen chatting with their online friends. This distraction can cause harm to the real business.


Sophisticated, fun and informative: smartphones have a whole lot of potential. They can get us out of tight spots (such as being lost in an unfamiliar city) and they can keep us entertained as well.

However, these considerations must be balanced against the costs of using a smartphone – as well as against the psychological effects of these devices. Smartphones can be very addictive if we are not careful, and they should never become a substitute for meaningful relationships with other people.

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