Social Disorganization

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Social Dis-organization

Presence of disruptive elements and symptoms in a society show social disorganization. Disorganized society is just opposite of organized society.

Following factors make the society disorganized:

  1. General unrest,
  2. Communal Tension,
  3. Unemployment,
  4. Natural catastrophes,
  5. Aggression and war,
  6. Violence and hatred,
  7. Cultural lag,
  8. Industrialization,
  9. Pollution,
  10. Selfish attitude,
  11. Juvenile delinquency.
  12. Mutual distrust,
  13. Individual interest and testes in place of collective interest,
  14. Greedy attitude,
  15. Formalism,
  16. Decline of scared elements,
  17. Wild behavior,
  18. Lack of education,
  19. Population heterogeneity,
  20. Violation of social rules.

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