Social Economics Understanding Economic Development VBQ CBSE Class 10

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Social Economics Understanding Economic Development VBQ CBSE Class 10

Q.1.‘The development goals that people have me not only about better Income but also about other Important things in life.’ Explain. Mention any two goals of a student.
Or ‘
‘For development people look at a mix of goals’. Support the statement with suitable examples. [CBSE Sept. 2011]
Apart from income, which other six things people look for ? [CBSE 2012]
Though income is one of the most important
Ans. components of development but there are
other important things, such as :
(i) People also seek things like equal treatment, freedom, security and respect.
(ii) Women need safe and secure environment to take up a variety of jobs or run a business.
(iii) People also need political rights.
(iv) People seek a pollution-free environment.
Students goal :
(i) Better Education.
(ii) Pollution free environment.

Q.2. What do you mean by public facilities ? Why are they important ? Name two public facilities available in India.
Ans. Public facilities are the essential facilities for the community at large and are provided by the government.
Important :
They are important because there are many services like education, health, transportation etc., which have become cheap and affordable if provided, collectively.
Public facilities : Rail transport and – government schools.

Q.3. Why is literacy essential for the economic ‘ development ? Explain. [CBSE Sept. 2010]
Ans, (i) Illiterate people are easily cheated and exploited by the traders, shopkeepers and employers.
(ii) There is shortage of skilled workers in India, this shortage can be reduced only through literacy.
(iii) Most of the illiterate people are engaged in primary and unorganised sector so their earning is very low.

Q.4. ‘Money in your pocket cannot buy all the goods and services that one need’.
With reference to the given statement mention any four things which money can not buy for an individual.
Ans. (i) Peace
(ii) Pollution free environment
(iii) Good health (iu) Freedom

Q.5. The annual Per Capita Incomes of three countries are given below. Based on the guidelines set by the World Bank Report (2012), classify these countries as high income, low income or developing.
• Country A : US $ 5,000
• Country B : US $ 15,580
• Country C : US $ 12,280 [CBSE 2013]
Ans. (i) Country A with Per Capita Income of US $ 5,000 comes under Low Income Countries.
(ii) Country B with Per Capita Income of US $ 15,580 lies in the category of High Income Countries.
(iii) Country C with Per Capita Income of US $ 12,280 falls in the category of Developing countries.

Q.6. Think of any three developmental goals of a boy from a rich urban family. Describe them. [CBSE 2013]
Ans. (i) He may think to get quality education and persue his studies abroad.
(ii) He may require the availability of vocational education and training.
(iii) He may require capital to start his own business.

Q.7. Apart from salary, what other goals can you have in mind while taking up a new job ? Explain. [CBSE 2013]
Ans. (i) Security
(ii) Working Environment
(iii) Opportunity to learn
(iv) Pollution from environment.

Q.8. How do the women engaged in paid jobs fulfill mix of goals ? Explain. [CBSE 2014]
Ans. (i) Economic independency : If a women is working she will get economic independency.
(ii) Equality : As per the law working women need to be treated equally.
(iii) Respected : A working women will get respect not only in the family but in the society also.

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