Sources of Water, Air, and Soil Pollution essay

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Sources of Water, Air, and Soil Pollution

Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful substances into the environment. The sources of Water, Air and Soil Pollution are given below in points:

Source of water pollution

  1. Drain water containing faces, urine and other pollutants,
  2. Water containing chemicals insecticides and manures washed out the field can pollute the water of river, lakes, ponds, wells etc.,
  3. Physical pollution such as heat and ionic radiation,
  4. Effluents from the factories,
  5. Minerals above a certain level in the soil, or present in the parent rocks, can mix with water and pollution occurs, such as arsenic.

Source of soil pollution

  1. Excreta of human beings and animals in the field,
  2. Harmful chemical insecticides and manures,
  3. Non-degradable plastic materials and cups, plates etc. prepared from foams.

Sources of Air pollution

  1. Gases coming out from various factories such as metal or oil refineries, factories where chemical fertilizers and pesticides are manufactured, power plants, etc.
  2. From the factories through burning of coal, oil, etc., smoke, dust and various chemicals pollute the air,
  3. Smokes coming out of motor vehicles containing lead and many other harmful chemicals. This is the main source of air pollution in the cities.

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