Speech on Future of Democracy in India

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Speech on Future of Democracy in India

Democracy refers to the system of government run by through the elected representatives of the people of the country. Democracy means that the people should rule themselves.

India is a democratic country and has a well defined constitution of her own. This constitution has given us the right to choose our government. It has given us some rights like freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of the press etc. The press guards the democratic rights carefully to ensure the future of democracy. They are free to criticize any action of the government, if it goes against public interest. The world today is dominated mainly by two principles:

  • Democracy and
  • Nationalism.

The achievements of our democracy are many. It has made the people aware of their duties and responsibilities. That India is a true democratic country can be proved by the fact that after the sound defeat in 1977, Congress (I) was re-elected to power by the same voters with Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister within a short span of time.

Indian democracy is the wonder of the world. Such a big country is progressing by leaps and bounds through her democratic government. It is really unparallel in the constitutional history of the world. Democracy is the best form of government so far found but it is not without its defects and its critics. We vote for our candidates and it is they who carry on the government for a period of five years. The common people relapse into political indolence after election. They become the victims of their representative who deceive them with large promises and use them for their own private interests.

In India democracy there is party system that brings order in the sphere of politics and administration. As democracy is the rule of the whole population, the members either in the Loksabha (House of people) or in the Assembly should range themselves in different parties each with its own leader. They should behave like well-organised army for the progress of the country.

But the future of Indian democracy is now being threatened by some ugly forces supporting provincialism, regionalism, religionism, casteism, succession etc. Now we see the political unrest in Assam, Jammu-Kashmir, etc. that may put our democracy into jeopardy. The political leaders should stand united against this democracy juncture of our country to give a strong antipode to such antinational forces. Common mass should be educated and conscious of the importance of democracy in India for their socio-economic progress. A strong central government is essential for this purpose. Democracy in a vast country like India will survive if people are made conscious of their own duties and responsibilities with the inspirations and efforts of the leaders who should stand united irrespective of their political ideologies for the integrity of our country.

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