‘Strike While the Iron is Hot’ – Meaning and Expansion of the Idea

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‘Strike While the Iron is Hot’ – Meaning and Expansion of the Idea

Meaning: The proverb, ‘Strike while the iron is hot” means:

  • Take full and prompt advantage of any favorable circumstances. 
  • Fast and decisive action at the appropriate moment brings success in life. 

Expansion: A blacksmith should always strike the iron when it is hot. A blacksmith can give any shape to the red-hot iron. It is because iron becomes soft when heated.

Iron hardens again when it becomes cold. A blacksmith cannot hammer and give the desired shape to iron when it is cold. He has to wait for appropriate opportunity and hit the iron before it gets cold.

Hence, whenever an opportunity comes, we should leave no stone upturned to make the most of it.

An example: A student should study sincerely to make the most of the opportunity availed to him at his school and college. If a student studies all year round, he is sure to excel in examination.

Proverbs with similar meaning: 

  • ‘Make hay while the sun shines’
  • Time and Tide Wait for None

Conclusion: We should strike or act at the right moment. If we act in haste and act before the time is ripe, then again the chances of success are low. However, if we wait for the right opportunity and act decisively in the right way, then alone we can guarantee success.

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