Student Unrest in India (causes and solution)

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Student Unrest in India (causes and solution)

India is facing the trouble of rising indiscipline among the students. Student unrest in India has assumed frightening magnitude. This is a danger to our traditions and our national entity. The frequency reluctance among the students is nothing but a manifestation of universal frustration and disapproval prevailing among them.

Why students in India are resorting to the acts of violence need to be understood. We have noticed of that students go wild, throwing stones, etc. Their meaningless action results in the brutal suppression by the police officers who make them the targets of their gun and sticks. We have seen closure of schools and universities, gheraos of Principals and beating of teachers by the students. All this is truly a unhappy state of affairs. The reason behind these unrest among Indian Students is a plethora of frustration, grievances and anxiety of the students. The inability of the authorities resolve to the grievances and demands of the students results in the indulgence of the students in the acts of violence, strikes and demonstrations.

The students complain that the tuition fees are very high and their parents can’t affford to pay such high charges. They also criticize the badly equipped libraries, improper admission facilities, overloaded class rooms, insufficient and incompetent, lack of vocational education and bitter teacher-student relationships. English is a foreign language and most of the students fail in the subject. All of these causes are responsible for diverting the attention of the students from their primary objectives.

The school and college authority does not pay attention to the justifiable demands of the Indian students. Students are the pillars of a India’s future. They have a incredible pool of vigor and if it is channelized in a right path, it could work miracles.

However, if Students in India are not guided properly in the right direction, it could spell disaster. The response to the student violence should never be lathi-charge, but they have to be dealt with in a careful manner. The rules for militants and students cannot be the same. Students are the foundation of our country’s growth and future. Indian Education System should address the grievances and frustration of the students to end the vicious circle of unrest among students.

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