Tarabai’s Leadership | Marathas under the leadership of Tarabai essay

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Tarabai’s Leadership | Marathas under the leadership of Tarabai

Tarabai’s Leadershi

In 1700, Rajaram died. After his death, his wife Tarabai kept the Marathas in order. Her four-year old son (Shivaji II) was accepted as the next Chhatrapati and she began to wield the scepter as his regent.

Aurangzeb occupied Panhala in 1701, Vishalgarh in 1702 and Singhgarh in 1703. But his authority proved short-lived. Tarabai herself moved from place to place, contacted the local leaders, infused in them fresh vigor and courage and exhorted them to act strictly according to plan.

Consequently, the death of Rajaram made Maratha resistance stouter still. In 1704, Satara was reoccupied. Other forts also began to fall one after the other and Aurangzeb realized that all that he had achieved was being rapidly undone.

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