Television in India: Introduction, History, Uses and Evils essay

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Television in India: Introduction, History, Uses and Evils

Television in India

Introduction: Television transmits and receives the visual images with the help of electromagnetic radiation. It is regarded as one of the most credible apparatus of audio-visual communication.

Even today the pictures appearing in a T.V. screen convey a sense of romance and thrill to a very big section of the Indian populace. Such people can scarcely believe that these happening are caused by science.

History of Television in India: It was in 1959, when India for the first time could set up the Television studio in Delhi. Then a period of nearly five years was taken to arrange the regular programs, of course, within a narrow ambit. Gradually, the net works started spreading over the different parts of the country.

The television sets are now being manufactured in India by the public sectors as well as by the private enterprises.

Uses:  The Indian society has been widely benefited by Television. The uses of Television are many.

  • The principal task it does for man is to entertain him in multifarious ways.
  • Music, both instrumental and vocal, has its regular transmission to the joy of man.
  • The programs of Hindi drama and film shows enthrall the viewers.
  • Interviews of eminent persons are occasionally taken.
  • Events of important gamer, cultural gatherings and public congregations are often televised in live-cast.
  • The people go wild with joy to witness the Indian Cricket Team setting up momentous records in Test Cricket.

In short, it may be said that a man with a Television set in his room can easily keep monotony and boredom at a distance.

Evils: The evils done by Television are of real concern.

  • Indian Television programs are full of advertisements. The sequences of advertisements in the sponsored programs are outrageous in some cases; and they undeniably spell harms to the boys and girls in their adolescence.
  • Some films depicting sex and violence do the similar mischief.
  • Some youngsters get immune to the TV programs and consciously neglect their academic lessons and other important duties.
  • To keep looking at the TV screen for a long time is dangerous for the eye-sight.

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