Television – its uses and abuses

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Television – its uses and abuses

Today TV in the most important mode of entertainment to all classes and ages of people in the towns and cities. There is hardly any house where there is not a TV set. Even in the villages, we see that wealthy persons have a TV set. But the young generation is badly addicted to it which set us thinking. Though, all the programmes on the TV are not harmful, we have to think what it giving and taking away from our young is generating. Young people most often watch the exciting films on violence and crime. They also see the obscene films. All these things leave a damaging effect on their soft mind. If once bad things lay root deeply in their soft mind, it will remain in their mind. They will try to commit crimes and violence in an aristocratic way and it needs no telling that young persons are going astray day by day. They are becoming addicted to narcotics. They don’t like any kind of educative programme. So, the guardian should be more cautious in the matter from of running TV. They should allow their boys and girls to see only those programmes from which they can derive much benefit and make the right use to build up their career. Again, we should not forget the proverb that forbidden things always taste sweet.

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